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Client Feedback & Testimonials

Client feedback speaks for itself.  A company's reputation and legitimacy are rooted in its clienteles view of how well they completed the scope of work, cleaned and maintained the jobsite, and, maybe most importantly, how their project is managed - both logistically, as well as financially.  Please take some time to see what our most recent clients had to say about the work we've done for them...

Anthony, Burlington, CT

I’ve lived in Burlington for about 6 years now but I just recently had the pleasure of meeting Dave from Northwest Dirtworks and working with him on turning my vision for my property into reality. After many years of struggling with the equipment I have, I finally realized I did not have the adequate resources to reach my goals on my property without a little help. I’ve seen the awesome work Dave has done on his FB page, but was always hesitant to reach out thinking my job was too small or he wouldn’t be in my price range etc. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Dave has been nothing but great to work with. He is very knowledgeable at his craft and has been very accommodating and flexible with offering different options and routes to get my property to the end goal I am looking for. He recently helped to add a driveway extension and pad for my shed as well as bringing in fill and rough grading my front yard to get ready for top soil and hydro seed in the spring. Dave is a one stop shop and I am very pleased with his work so far and will continue to work with him in the future to help bring my dreams to reality. Thanks Dave!

Simsbury, CT

We has a very complex landscaping project to put in a large swingset base and sod in a rocky and previously overgrown area. I am so impressed with David and the work Northwest Dirtworks did. Professional and responsive throughout the entire project, even when we asked for some last minute additions. The cost of this project was very reasonable. I would not hesitate to nrecommend this company. It was a great experience from start to finish. Don't need to look any further.

Andrew, Canton, CT

Dave was great to work with. After we had some trees cut down he was able to remove several large stumps and have them hauled off. After that he re graded our yard, put down top soil and finished with hydroseeding. You can tell in the quality of his work that he really cares and is a true professional at his craft. The communication was a big plus. I was able to text him anytime to ask questions about the job or how to take care of the grass. I will definitely use Northwest Dirtworks in the future.

Canton, CT

David was very quick to turnaround quotes to correct some grading issues at our new(er) build.  David scheduled us quickly and the job was completed in two days.

He was very professional throughout and helpful with some tips to restore some other areas of our lawn that were damaged from the runoff.

We look forward to working with him again.

Tommy, Orange, CT

100% recommend Northwest Dirtworks to anyone who is in need. Dave did an AMAZING job. He was a personal referral from a family friend. He came out to our home and re-did our entire yard for us. His customer service is top notch! Everytime I have texted or called he has answered and helped us out with any questions we have for him. You won’t get a harder worker or someone who cares about their clients more than Dave!

Canton, CT

I can’t say enough good about the work Northwest Dirtworks did. But our satisfaction extends beyond just the quality of the outcome. This company had all the intangible skills one would want from a contractor, such as honesty, punctuality, and professionalism, just to name a few. We would bring them back for a project with no hesitations, and we highly recommend their services.

Avon, CT

Dave/Northwest Dirtworks was called in to give our family a usable yard/family space after we had two dozen-ish large trees removed to the stump. Dave proposed a well thought out plan and provided a detailed proposal to make the project a reality, along with a day-by-day plan. Worked commenced and progressed (weather cooperating) according to plan as Dave was punctual and assured the structured plan stayed on schedule. Dave communicated every evening with what was completed the prior day, what to expect the following day, and if there were any things that he needed from us. Dave also had the flexibility to allow us to add on a playscape pad while the project was ongoing. Once completed we had minor hill erosion due to heavy rains and Dave followed up (a week or so after completion) for pictures and to assess any issues, proposing a plan for fixes come spring. Our family cannot say enough good things about the project, from start to finish, that Dave executed flawlessly to give us our dream yard that our family will enjoy for years to come. We honestly cannot say enough good things about the service Dave provided and give the highest recommendation to anyone in search of having a similar project completed at their property.

Avon, CT

David recently completed a large yard project for us which included regrading and seeding the front yard, removal of a tree and the roots, extending the yard along the edges, and installing a landscape drain to remove driveway runoff. The project was completed on time and slightly ahead of estimate but the best part was David's customer service. He answered all of my questions in detail and made a point to meet with me each morning to talk through what was going to happen that day. He also made sure that we were satisfied before he wrapped up and made some tweaks based upon my feedback. It rained heavily a few days after seeding and some strawed areas moved around which prevented germination. I informed David and he came by twice to drop off seed and straw. He takes a lot of pride in his work and wants the customer to be happy. Rare these days.....definitely recommend.

Bristol, CT

The best investment you can do for your home is have Dave come by and expand your yard to its fullest potential you will not regret it. Hardworking and keeps his promises like a real contractor should. I look forward to him coming by again in the future to do more. Thanks again Northwest Dirtworks!

Kerry, Burlington, CT

David was great to work with - professional, courteous, and no pressure. He took care of clearing a sizable strip of brush and tree overgrowth in our back yard... and then graded, seeded, and fertilized the cleared area. The space looks amazing, and the project nearly doubled the usable area of our back yard. David got us scheduled promptly following the initial consultation, and was even able to start the project a day early to avoid delays due to anticipated rain in the forecast. We are so happy with the results, and would without a doubt recommend Northwest Dirtworks to our friends and family.

Canton, CT

David completed our backyard renovation. We initially had the goal of bringing in fill and leveling out the backyard. David was very flexible as our plans evolved into placing stone walls, incorporating a fire pit, and adding steps to the lower level. I have worked with many contractors over the years and his professionalism is beyond words. Everything was completed on time and very reasonably priced for high quality work. We received daily updates on the progress and had an opportunity for feedback and questions.

When we first moved here we never imagined having a backyard oasis. We are looking forward to a summer enjoying our new back yard. David is very talented and we highly recommend him!

New Hartford, CT

Dave and Northwest Dirtworks were phenomenal. Our project was complicated by spring weather but Dave did everything he could to keep us on track and progressing quickly. They dug a giant trench, regraded our paddock, and brought in trucks and trucks worth of stone dust. It looks beautiful but more importantly, this will be a game changer for my horse’s feet and health.




Oxford, CT

We had Northwest Dirtworks do a large scale yard restoration project for us. Dave was phenomenal to work with, understood exactly what we wanted and kept us updated the whole time. I highly recommend dave very professional and honest!

Southington, CT

Very happy with the work Northwest Dirtworks completed. Dave was very professional with outstanding communication. Kept me updated throughout and pricing was very competitive. Highly Recommended!

Brandi, Torrington, CT

David did an amazing job at our farm…. He was honest, professional, knowledgeable, and very well mannered. He had an amazingly positive attitude and actually showed up exactly when expected. His time management skills are impeccable. He even covered any environmental footprint his equipment left by re-seeding any lawn that was disturbed. David will absolutely be my first call for any new projects that arise.

Thy Neighbors Farm, Torrington, CT

If it wasn’t for Northwest Dirtworks expert opinion and hard work we really wouldn’t even have a Farm…

First off I have to commend Dave for his professionalism, skill, timeliness, and his outstanding character. He is a true stand out, and his integrity and heart hold true to the values everyone wishes the contractor they were working with had. In fact, it will be difficult, if not impossible to find another man like Dave to work with when you need something done. Dave provided us with a fair quote and worked with us when we were ready to begin our project. Well I say “fair”... but the price he charged was not fair… for him!

Why do you ask? Because the “day” this man puts into his work is worth at least 4x what anyone else is going to put into their day of work. This is partly due to his skill and efficiency at operating his equipment, but also his non-stop work ethic that won’t be matched. It certainly helps that he has all of the right machinery, equipment, tools and attachments to get the job done right. Dave showed up early every day and worked non-stop all day, each day of the project. Part of the “secret sauce” to Dave’s success is his ability to envision the end goal in mind and make it a reality. My plan was a little half-baked and uncertain as to whether or not it would even be possible. I had a dream but no real path to fully get there. Dave not only far exceeded our expectations, but delivered an end product that was better than we could have ever imagined.

My plan and project was my passion, and I didn’t expect him to make them into his passion too, which added to the drive and striving for perfection you usually only find when doing something for yourself. Dave treated my property and project as if he was doing it for himself and his family. His diligence and care shined through everything he did from start to finish. We are on a very tight budget, and Dave was made aware of that, so throughout the project Dave of his own accord developed different plans and ways we could use existing materials on our property and reshape the terrain to accomplish the end goal by spending the least amount of money possible. This is not how contractors work! But this is how he works! Our dollar got stretched so far it would make the federal reserve nervous!

Dave is a visionary that brings passion, perfection and delivers on his promises in a way you simply can not do by yourself. Trust me, I rented equipment before and tried it! You simply can not rent the same equipment, and attachments, pay for fuel and get even half of the amount done that he can get done in half the time. It would cost you easily 4-5x more to produce what he can for the same amount of money. From our experience, Dave quoted 4 days worth of work for a fair price to which we agreed. He worked this promised amount… and some, which should have been way more than enough as it is... but what he really delivered was at least 2-3 weeks worth of work (in my opinion of course) if I were to have paid anyone else to deliver that same end state. While I’m not promising on his behalf that you will get more than what you pay for, I am simply relaying our experience and how much of a blessing Dave was in helping us in many ways.

If you have any kind of land clearing or site work, yard clearing, expansion, excavation, pasture clearing or restoration, driveway or parking pad restoration or installation, any kind of structural pad needed, expanded parking, drainage or water mitigation, trail clearing, rock removal or relocation, terracing or even making a miserable rock pit into a working farm… and you don’t call Northwest Dirtworks, you are making a massive mistake and doing yourself, your family and your wallet a huge disservice.

Dave from Northwest Dirtworks is our contractor of choice and is absolutely welcome and wanted back to the property. There is a future part 2 to our project that includes a rear pasture which he will be our only phone call for.

Dave is a very humble guy and isn’t boastful, but he certainly could be with the skills he has. I would put him up against any comparable contractor or company any day of the week. If you live in the Northwest Dirtworks service area of NW Connecticut or the Farmington Valley Area, consider yourself blessed to have Dave as an option to call. If you don’t, pray to God for help on your project, and maybe God will send you Dave from Northwest Dirtworks to answer your prayers like He did for us!

Thanks again Dave / Northwest Dirtworks, it’s an honor and a pleasure to know you and we can’t wait to work with you again in the future. Our family is truly grateful for who God made you to be, and we do actually consider you and your help a real prayer answered. You helped turn our pitiful rock quarry of a mud pit into an actual workable farm our family will depend on to feed ourselves and pay our bills. Thank you and May the Lord Bless you and Keep You!

We will be keeping you, your company and your family in our prayers!

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