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An introduction to Northwest Dirtworks...

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Growing up in a family with a kitchen & bath designer for a mother and a residential general contractor for a father, I was pretty certain that I was going to be pulled into the construction industry in some capacity.

Throughout my high school and college years, summers were dedicated to working for my father's successful remodeling company. I was relegated to the most labor-intensive tasks on the job sites, as I was young and strong - so digging deck pier footings and carrying materials like sheetrock and 2x4's were always on my to-do list. But that hard, rigorous work made me appreciate the efficiency and productivity of heavy machinery as I entered my 20's and began to work on my own home and property. As I could afford to, I would rent tractors or excavators to try to get the work I wanted done on my property more quickly and without hired help.

Over the years I began to really enjoy the machine work. It had a therapeutic quality. That appreciation that was built in from my youth shoveling dirt or mulch or digging a trench or those deck piers that took hours which could literally be done in seconds with a machine. I felt almost "one" with the machines I used and was able to build in the efficiencies and productivity I was able to employ with my company, Elite Renovations. I began to take on weekend "side" projects for friends or neighbors and "practice" the skills necessary to use these compact machines proficiently profitably.

After 22 years of running my own residential construction company and refining my craft I've gotten to a point where I cannot make my business more efficient or profitable without major changes - either hiring multiple crews of employees or adding services or working additional hours. All of which would have significant impacts on my family life and time with my wife and kids. After some deliberation and research, that's where Northwest Dirtworks was born!

Because of my love of the machine work, over the years I've purchased multiple machines and attachments. Some would joke that I had more machines/attachments than some dirtwork companies! The machine work life is both challenging and rewarding. I've implemented the same values and work ethic that came from my decades of remodeling work and now employ that in my new venture.

Please come follow me as we grow this company and help to serve our surrounding communities and its residents. We will be adding to this blog as we can and hope to share some insight on the types of services we offer, why we offer them and, most importantly, why you should chose Northwest Dirtworks for your next landwork or dirtwork project.

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