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Brush Cutting & Mulching

Brush grinding is popular when you live in a town or county that has stringent burning regulations or during a drought when burning is prohibited. We can grind up the piles of brush and the mulch can then be repurposed by the homeowner around the home or garden.

With our forestry mulcher & severe duty brush cutter, we can efficiently clear land and grind brush at costs up to half that of hand-cutting methods with no hauling or burning.

With forestry thinning and underbrush removal, we typically come in and mulch down all the 8” and smaller trees, leaving you with a much more usable space in your backyard or pasture.

Forestry thinning and underbrush removal is perfect for real estate companies that have a stale listing that’s overwhelmed by trees and overgrown brush and want a prospective buyer to be able to envision their dream home on the land.

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