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Lawn Restoration

One of the most sought after goals of home ownership is having a lush, beautiful lawn.  It can really add to the curb appeal of your home and shows your neighbors that you work hard to keep it looking great.  But a great lawn can be hard to come by.  Poor drainage, bad soil properties, lack of nutrients can all wreak havoc on your lawn and challenge your ability to have that elusive “ball field” yard.
Northwest Dirtworks can work with you to identify potential issues with your lawn, determine a reasonable course of action and then implement, in stages if necessary, a plan to get your lawn looking incredible.  We have access to the best irrigation company in the Northwest Corner and source our topsoil and aggregate from high quality local suppliers.  The seed (or hydro seed) we use is top quality product and used on ball fields and sports complexes.  We can help you achieve that perfect yard - contact us today!

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