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Our Philosophy

Precision. Punctuality. Commitment to excellence.

We've been a leader in residential excavation and brush clearing for discerning clients for quite some time, operating on primarily a private network of upscale customers who demand high quality work and impeccable reliability.  We have recently expanded our client base and are now a full-service company maintaining the Farmington Valley and Northwest Corner of Connecticut.  Our focus is to bring ultra high quality service and dependability while also working within our clients’ budget.  We really enjoy collaborating with clients to make their vision a reality - regardless of what type of land work or dirt work that may be.  

Our Difference….

We only work on one project at a time.  While that may seem counter to other companies’ business models, we have found that clients enjoy the start and completion of a project to occur as quickly as possible.  The quicker our work is completed, the quicker you get back to enjoying your property again.  It also means that we can keep mobilization costs to a minimum since we aren’t moving machines back and forth, creating unnecessary costs to our clients.  

We also believe that communication is paramount.  From our first email until the last invoice is paid we keep our clients updated on everything from scheduling to scope of work to necessary deliverables.  Once our projects commence, we complete each work day with an “update email” to our clients that details the accomplishments of the day, any issues we may have encountered, the timeline and schedule for the remainder of the week and any questions we may have for our clients so we can expeditiously complete the project. 
We have a tried and true method for working with our clients that includes comprehensive estimates that are detailed, transparent and all-inclusive.  We can walk through the entire scope of work with our clients and break out all of the expenses for each part of the project, which not only allows our clientele to see the different requirements of the project, but also allows them to see the cost drivers involved so they can decide what should be included and what can wait, if necessary.

We have over 20 years of construction equipment experience - from 4,000 lbs micro excavators to 32,000lbs steel track machines with 4’ buckets.  We’ve run excavators, front loaders, bulldozers, skid steers, CTLs, tractors, dump trucks and so many more machines - we so know what to use, when to use it and, most importantly, how to use it - safely and efficiently.  

Building trust with clients and the community is the foundation to any successful business.  Northwest Dirtworks strives to honestly and thoroughly educate our clients to understand the work being done on their property, what alternatives there are and, if necessary, can break down the project into phases to accommodate specific timelines and budgets.  Contact us today to set up an appointment and receive your complementary project proposal.

Excavator Grapple during clearing forest for new development. Tracked Backhoe with forest
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