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Land Clearing & Site Work

Northwest Dirtworks is your premiere land clearing and sitework
company.  We can clear 100 sqft of brush or 10 acres of land, including clearing, processing and grading.  Our residential focus utilizes primarily compact machines for a low-impact footprint on your property, reducing repairs and final cleanup requirements.  However, for more expansive projects we have the ability to scale our machines as necessary and tackle larger land management and site work projects as well.

Brush Grinding

Brush grinding is popular when you live in a town or county that has stringent burning regulations or during a drought when burning is prohibited. We can grind up the piles of brush and the mulch can then be repurposed by the homeowner around the home or garden.

With our forestry mulcher, we can efficiently clear land and grind brush at costs up to half that of hand-cutting methods with no hauling or burning.

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Excavation work is one of our specialties - our attention to detail and utilization of high-end compact equipment allows us to work in unique conditions and complete projects quicker and safer.  Whether you're cutting back grade on a property to add more flat square footage to a yard, removing stumps and boulders to make your yard more usable or need trench work completed for utilities or irrigation, we're able to get the job done.  We also have the ability to work in tight area with our micro machines or make quick work of larger projects with machines up to 32,000lbs.

Thinning and Brush Clearing

With forestry thinning and underbrush removal, we typically come in and mulch down all the 8” and smaller trees, leaving you with a much more usable space in your backyard or pasture.

Forestry thinning and underbrush removal is perfect for real estate companies that have a stale listing that’s overwhelmed by trees and overgrown brush and want a prospective buyer to be able to envision their dream home on the land.

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Pasture & Field Mowing and Restoration

Purchasing farmland and turning it into your own can be exciting! However, when the grasses are overgrown, and there’s young trees sprouting, and you have no idea where to begin, let us help.

We will take the stress out of cleaning up your overgrown land. We offer small to medium sized mowing services from tiny feed fields to large residential pastures.

When it comes to field maintenance—no matter if it is 1 acre or 50 acres—we have the know-how and equipment to bring new life and a fresh look. We offer one-time mowing as well as annual mowing for small and large fields here in the Northwest Corner of CT.

Drainage and Water Mitigation

Flooded yards and water in your basement are both signs that your property is poorly managing rainwater or the grade around your home is pitched back towards your foundation.  We can assess and assist in creating a alternative water mitigation plan that keeps your yard and basement dry.  From french drains to culverts or underground drainage we can make it happen - and do it correctly the first time.

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Storm Cleanup

Tree companies can be overwhelmed and difficult to get a hold of after a major weather event.  And their expensive machinery requires they charge a premium for their services.  We can help rid your yard of downed trees, branches and debris with our nimble, efficient machines, restoring your yard to pre-storm conditions while staying on a budget.

Lawn Restoration

One of the most sought after goals of home ownership is having a lush, beautiful lawn.  It can really add to the curb appeal of your home and shows your neighbors that you work hard to keep it looking great.  But a great lawn can be hard to come by.  Poor drainage, bad soil properties, lack of nutrients can all wreak havoc on your lawn and challenge your ability to have that elusive “ball field” yard.
Northwest Dirtworks can work with you to identify potential issues with your lawn, determine a reasonable course of action and then implement, in stages if necessary, a plan to get your lawn looking incredible.  We have access to the best irrigation company in the Northwest Corner and source our topsoil and aggregate from high quality local suppliers.  The seed (or hydro seed) we use is top quality product and used on ball fields and sports complexes.  We can help you achieve that perfect yard - contact us today!

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Invasive Species Management and Removal

This service includes—but is not limited to—trees and shrubs like Mugwart, Japanese Barberry, honeysuckle, Bradford pear, black locust as well as forbs such as knotweed, Japanese chaff flower, leafy spurge, poison ivy, and poison oak.

Removing invasive species can really provide a clean appearance to your property that keeps it neat and manageable.

Trail & Access Clearing

Whether it’s agricultural land, a residential hunting property, a hobby farm or anything in between—you need to have access to use and manage your land.

We at Northwest Dirtworks have the equipment to cut in access roads, ATV trails, snowmobile trails, shooting lanes for hunting and anything in between.

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Pond and Retention Area Reclamation

Typically property owners of residential and commercial ponds like to have access to the entire border of their pond or lake, but over time trees and brush grow around and eliminate that possibility.

We cut down those trees and brush and mulch them onsite, greatly reducing the chance of erosion by leaving the roots intact. Mulching the trees holds the soil from washing out the outer banks and leaves a beautiful accessible path around the entire pond or lake.

Some towns require commercial properties or neighborhoods to maintain their retention or detention ponds every few years to keep a clean and well managed image in the community - so let us help.

Structural Pads for Residential Buildings

We can build structural pads for sheds, manufactured homes, and storage of campers or RVs.

We also offer services for new construction pole building and hobby barn pads as well as agricultural out buildings.

Northwest Dirtworks will supply the appropriate aggregate necessary for your project, spread and compact as necessary and leave the site ready for your building.  

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Gravel Driveway.jpg

Driveway Restoration and Installation

If you need access to a new building on your property or farm or have an existing gravel or dirt driveway that needs to be reconditioned, we can help.

We can establish a new gravel driveway or install a stone base for a future asphalt driveway regardless of grade or length.  If you have an existing gravel or dirt driveway that hasn’t been maintained or has washed out after a heavy rain storm we can regrade your driveway - even adding aggregate if necessary.

In addition, we can schedule annual maintenance to ensure the driveway is smooth and crowned properly.

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